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  • FAS was appointed by Truda Foods in PMB to upgrade two of its 500kVA standby generator systems to allow for these generators to be synchronised with each other and also with the utility supply if required.

    The existing system consists of 2x500kVA, 400V generators fitted with Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) controllers and these generators were therefore suitable to operate as stand-alone generators.

    The factory load to which these generators were to be connected was in excess of 500kVA and it was therefore required to synchronise these generators to each other in order to supply the plant load.

    The scope of the project included, Design Supply, Install and Commission of: -

    • Replacement of SmartGen controllers with DSC 8610 controllers
    • Fully automated synchronising capability
    • Motorised circuit breakers to enable automatic operation
    • Cabling between the generators and the Factory load

    The Ability of the system is such that it is possible to: -

    • Do a complete black start, should the Utility supply to the factory fail
    • Synchronise with each other;